BREYER ThermoFlex extrusion systems for manufacturing flat film made of PET, PP or PS.

Go ahead!
Boost your extrusion and set new standards in film production. The combination of well-tried and simple system ­assembly paired with cutting-edge technologies that save time and money makes it possible – the ­eco­nomically efficient film extrusion.


Fast and precise with high performance
Fast startup due to the special melt pump control and fast adjustment of the film thickness with the BREYER calender technology make extrusion economically efficient. Your operating personnel benefits from the comfortable touch-screen control and the BREYER “fast & easy” gap adjustment.

Packaging sells

Perfect flat film for successful thermoformed packaging.

Perfect flat film for successful thermoformed packaging.

Advantages for your efficient ­production

  • Startup control for fast and safe startup of the extruder
  • Smart production control that recognizes when the extruder is not running smoothly due to material
  • Fast reproducible positioning of calender and modification of film thickness
  • Patented BREYER “fast & easy” gap adjustment for low-stress film
  • Reproducible calender gap positioning
  • Collision alarm die – calender roll
  • Comfortable and safe system operation
  • Complete solutions for your production
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