The perfect coil. Winding machines for flat film.

The look of the coil is always associated with the quality of the wound product. Therefore, winding technology plays a key role for the sales success. There is good reason why sophisticated winding technology is another focus of our product range.
Thermoform film can be ideally wound on large coils with a diameter of up to 1600 mm; several product widths up to 2200 mm are available. With the winding cart the rolled products can be directly forwarded to further processing. Helpful operational functions such as automatic clutching of the winding drives, automatic cross-cutting and comfortable roll change facilitate operation.


Coil winder with 2 stations
2-station large coil winder with automatic cross-cutter.
Straight-edge winding
The controlled line tension and guidance assures a perfect roll.
Storage and cooling zone
The storage of the winder can also be used as an additional cooling zone depending on the dimensions and thus saves space.
2-, 4- or 6-station winder possible


  • 2-, 4- and 6-station winder
  • Free-arm winder
  • Automatic turret winder
  • Web accumulator
  • Tension unit
  • Automatic cross cutting
  • Winding shaft and friction shafts for multi-lane winding
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