The calender – the quality center of BREYER extrusion systems.

Changing film thickness by a push of the button
The BREYER calender gap adjustment “fast & easy” does not involve any drives or mechanical adjustment parts. A sophisticated system permits precise and accurate positioning, even during production and at full load! Any gap setting can be achieved quickly and precisely.



Post-cooling rolls
PP processing requires an especially smooth calendering process to minimize the inner tensions and thus later shrinkage.
Slewing roll
Ideal for fast optimization of the flatness: the slewing device for the third roll.
Amazingly fast thickness adjustment
Another economic factor is the fast and safe setting of the film thickness. Precise and reproducible through the BREYER gap adjustment – without mechanical parts or drives.
Gap adjustment
Vertical calender for PS and PP
Horizontal PET calender
Calender with slewing roll

The advantages of the BREYER calender technology at a glance

  • Simple user interface with digital position display for fast setup of the calender
  • Rapid adjustment of product thickness with the servo-hydraulic gap adjustment
  • Lowest possible thickness tolerances
  • Flexibility in product thickness due to slewing device for the third roll
  • High operational safety due to maintenance free drive technology and collision alarm system
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