Precision tools for extraordinary products.

The quality of film (and sheet) starts with the flat film die at the latest.
Their high level of manufacturing grade, distribution quality and, not least, surface quality of the channels determine the quality and thus the success of the final product.
Here, too, the investment in high-quality technology pays off with top caliber product quality. BREYER flat film dies are designed with cutting-edge 3D CAD tools, manufactured with modern CNC machines and get their high quality finish due to a professional polish. We can deliver this perfection due to our longstanding experience and expertise.

Saving material with fast startup
With flat film dies using MFCS technology (melt flow control system) the melt profile is adjusted automatically, without the use of mechanical actuators.
The responding time is extremely short; the setting profile can be saved and recalled. Furthermore a manual preset of the sheet die is not necessary, it runs fully automated. These film dies are built extremely slim which allows deep dipping into the gap.


Flat film die with flex lip
Flat film dies are equipped with outer or inner deckling upon request.
Flat film die on calender
The largest possible dipping depth is achieved due to the slim die design. The adjustment of the flex lip is easily accessible for the operator.

Precision and quality
BREYER flat film dies are developed with state-of-the-art software, built in 3D design, and manufactured on CNC machines.
Feedblock system
The combination of a single-layer die and a co-extrusion feedblock allows for flexible layer configurations.

The modular BREYER die program

can be flexibly combined for a multitude of applications:

Single-layer die with coextrusion feedblock

Single-layer automatic die

Single-layer die with manual flex lip

Fully automatic MFCS die

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