Extrusion system for flat film

BREYER ThermoFlex extrusion systems for manufacturing flat film made of PET, PP or PS.

One of the core elements of any extrusion system is and remains the extruder itself. Right from the start, the emphasis at BREYER is on quality and sophisticated technology.
BREYER extruders are designed as single screw type machines running with high efficiency. PET, PP and PS can be processed on a single machine.


Film thickness: 0.1 – 2 mm
Film width: 750, 1500, 2000 mm
Output performance: up to 1500 kg/h
Material: PET, PP, PS
Layer configuration: single and multi-layer


In the food packaging segment, PP, PS and PET are the dominating materials. They are extruded into single and multi-layer film. Regrind materials from the in-house thermoforming production and recycling material is used to increase efficiency.

Silent and powerful – water-cooled
AC motors for the perfect drive.
Screen changer for continuous operation. Also available with backflush function.
Coextruder for virgin material
or functional outer layers.

High customer benefit

  • Energy efficient drive technology
  • High specific output
  • Low energy consumption
  • Efficient venting
  • No resin drying necessary (PS, PP)
  • Compact design
  • Complete solutions for your production


BREYER pump control

With the BREYER pump control we have essentially simplified the startup and operation of the extruder.

    • Faster startup
    • Stable production process
    • Higher throughput, economical production
    • Low-pulsation extrusion even with high use of regrind material
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