Conveying and drying

Drying concepts
Depending on the customer’s requirements we equip your system with conventional drying or a faster infrared drying system. Should you mostly process in-house recycling materials and do without drying, we offer high-performance twin screw extruders with vacuum degassing.

Drying PET with infrared technology saves time and energy. Up to 100% regrind material can be directly processed in the infrared dryer. PP and PS can be processed without drying or on degased extruders.



For material conveying gravimetric dosages are used
Infrared dryer inside view

Advantages for your efficient ­production

  • Startup control for fast and safe startup of the extruder
  • Smart production control that recognizes when the extruder is not running smoothly due to material
  • Fast reproducible positioning of calender and modification of film thickness
  • Patented BREYER “fast & easy” gap adjustment for low-stress film
  • Reproducible calender gap positioning
  • Collision alarm die – calender roll
  • Comfortable and safe system operation
  • Complete solutions for your production
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