Boost your extrusion.

... and set new standards in film production.

It is helpful to differentiate yourself with special characteristics especially in a difficult market environment. Better quality always pays off. Since the production cost of the film largely depends on the raw material and not so much on the system investment, it makes sense to focus on high-quality and operationally safe equipment. In addition, it saves raw material and can be quickly adjusted.


Standing still in the market is falling behind.
For more than 60 years BREYER is leading the crystal clear thermoplastics segment and has specialized in the extrusion of premium film and sheet qualities.   
When it comes to sophisticated crystal clear quality you profit from our longstanding expertise in this segment. With premium products, our customers achieve better results on the market and stand out from standard qualities.


Packaging sells

Perfect flat film for successful thermoformed packaging.

Typical examples of thermoformed PP packaging
Typical examples of thermoformed PS packaging

Further information you receive from our sales team ThermoFlex

Advantages for your efficient ­production

  • Startup control for fast and safe startup of the extruder
  • Smart production control that recognizes when the extruder is not running smoothly due to material
  • Fast reproducible positioning of calender and modification of film thickness
  • Patented BREYER “fast & easy” gap adjustment for low-stress film
  • Reproducible calender gap positioning
  • Collision alarm die – calender roll
  • Comfortable and safe system operation
  • Complete solutions for your production

Cost saving

High availability, low tolerances, minimum scrap and high output performance are the standards by which our systems are conceived.

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